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Bluffton Ohio was founded by European settlers in 1832 when they came upon the lush forest land in this northwest section of Ohio.  America was the land of opportunity, and these settlers came looking for a promising future, the place they would call home.  This area reminded them of their homeland, and they decided to establish a settlement. 

This settlement was located near the Riley Creek,  which provided many opportunities for these hard-working pioneers.  A grist mill was started as well as a general store and post office.  As the farmers cleared away the forest , rich fertile soil was discovered and yielded abundant crops.  As the village grew with business and industry, more people began to settle with their families in this community that finally became known as Bluffton, Ohio.

[Source: Village of Bluffton]



Bluffton is centrally located in Northwest Ohio on one of the nation's busiest highways, I-75.  U.S. 30 is just 10 miles south of the village.  Interstates 80 and 90 are less than an hour north of Bluffton.  This proximity to major highways allows easy access to larger cities in Ohio and the Midwestern States.

Bluffton's strategic location on I-75 in northern Allen County has been a key to its success.  A Northfolk & Western rail line passes through Bluffton, and Bluffton's Airport handles private as well as corporate aircraft.


Bluffton is a small, progressive community that provides a vibrant economic climate for business and industry.  Bluffton's agricultural heritage is blended with a progressive view of the future.  This blending of strong, traditional values with the desire to build a modern community has made Bluffton a magnet for businesses and individuals seeking a contemporary lifestyle in a safe , clean environment.

This vibrance is evident not only in the decision of new businesses that have chosen to locate in Bluffton but also in the continuing success of established companies.  For example, Bluffton is now the home of two international firms: Grob Systems, a manufacturer of auto industry robots and automated conveyer systems, and DTR, a cooperative venture between Duramax and Japan's Tokai Rubber, a manufacturer of rubber components for the auto industry.

The workforce in the area includes professionals, farmers and both white collar and blue collar workers.  The work ethic is evident in the low turnover rates in jobs and the loyalty to employers. 


The Village of Bluffton has a full range of educational offerings, from nursery school to a four-year college.

Pre-schoolers may attend one of two nursery schools with staffs who plan activities to help prepare children to enter kindergarten.  An excellent daycare facility is also available for weekly child care.

The Bluffton Public School system enrolls an average of 1,100 students annually.  The faculty strives to provide the highest quality of education to Bluffton's students.  Bluffton's Schools has consistently scored above the national average on standardized tests.  In 1992, Bluffton Schools ranked third in the state on the required ninth-grade proficiency test.  Bluffton High School students also averaged very high test scores on the American College Testing (ACT) test.

Recent renovations at the Elementary School have added 10 classrooms, a media center and central office.  The High School has recently been remodeled and enlarged, adding 18 new classrooms, a new gymnasium, a new science laboratory, an art room and other facilities.   A completely new Middle School was completed in 1999.

BLUFFTON COLLEGE:                  

Bluffton is also proud to boast that it is the home to Bluffton College, a four-year liberal arts institution, renowned for the many famous actors, journalists, writers and musicians who have graduated from this small college.  The beautiful, naturally wooded campus lends an academic atmosphere to the community and provides a more cosmopolitan lifestyle with events the college shares with the community.

Individuals who desire to continue their education will find several other college institutions are located within a short distance.  Ohio Northern University, The University of Findlay, Ohio State University Lima Campus and Bowling Green State University offer advanced degree programs. 




The health of Bluffton residents has long been a priority.  Bluffton Community Hospital has worked in partnership with the community to successfully recruit physicians to Bluffton.  Enjoying a high level of support from the community,  BVHA - Bluffton Campus prides itself in delivering health care with a personal touch.  The hospital offers medical, surgical, 24-hour emergency room, intensive care and obstetrical services, complemented by a wide range of ancillary departments and clinics to serve the needs of the patients in the Bluffton area. 

A full range of health-related professionals - dentists, optometrists, specialists - have chosen Bluffton as their preferred location.  Bluffton residents enjoy the full range of health care "close to home." 

Life Flight now has a presence at the Bluffton Airport.  Bluffton was selected as the home for the helicopter by a committee of Life Flight pilots, who chose it from a pool of several possible sites, including Putnam County airport and Findlay airport.  The helicopter will  be able to transport patients to nearly any hospital in northwest Ohio, including St. Rita's, St. Vincent in Toledo, or Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center in Findlay.




People in Bluffton take time to get to know their neighbors and tend to take life at a more relaxed and enjoyable pace.  It's common to walk the streets and know everyone you meet.

You'll find a gentle, neighborly spirit in the community.  Residents take a friendly interest in your well-being.  It's nice to know your neighbors care about your children, home and welfare.

The cost of living is much lower in Bluffton than in many cities, which gives you added buying power.  Homes tend to be less expensive than in larger cities, so in Bluffton you can get more for your money.

If your taste runs to American country, then you may want to inspect one of the many 100-year-old farmhouses.  Or if you like Victorian, then one of the stately homes on Main Street may be for you.   If newer is what you prefer, then you'll find a home in one of Bluffton's subdivisions.  Or if you want peace , quiet and solitude, the countryside surrounding Bluffton offers acres of woods, ponds and farmland where you can locate the perfect spot.

Bluffton residents have many opportunities to become a part of diverse community organizations.  The Bluffton Chamber organizes such annual events as an antique car show, an arts festival and, along with the Cultural Affairs Committee, "The Blaze of Lights," a village-wide folk art Christmas display.  These popular events draw thousands of people to the community.



Our senior citizens are a very strong and active part of the population of Bluffton.  They participate in community projects and service clubs, where they form the core of many of the civic organizations.  Bluffton's Senior Citizens lend continuity and vitality to the community with their interest, vigor and cumulative knowledge.




" If  you like personal attention and sincere greetings, then shopping in Bluffton can be a real treat.  Bluffton businesses offer consumers a wide variety of products and services, just as you would expect to find in a larger city.  The 3,500 residents support their local merchants and have built many friendly relations with them".
[Valli Burris, Director, Chamber of Commerce]

The town itself has an attractive downtown shopping district that you can easily walk.  On our Main Street, you will find a number of interesting specialty shops, as well as a movie theater, hardware, meat market, dry cleaners,  and more - all on one street.

In the spirit of small-town warmth and friendliness, we invite you to explore Bluffton's character and personality on your own.  Visit with our residents, stop by our shops, talk with our business leaders.  All have first-hand knowledge about what's like to live, work and play in Bluffton.




Bluffton is equipped with 911 emergency calling service, which allows dispatchers to immediately send local fire, police or emergency medical service.

The fire department's strength is in the volunteers who have completed extensive training before they become part of the regular force.  Each of the safety services work with employers to provide training and instruction to keep their property and workplace safe for employees and customers.  With the support of the community, the fire department purchased the "Jaws of Life," which allows accident victims to be extracted from wrecked vehicles.

Four full-time and several part-time police officers work side-by-side with our police chief.  Local officers work closely with the Allen and Hancock County Sheriff departments and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to provide service to the village and rural areas.

Both police and fire personnel participate in safety education for the community, including an anti-drug abuse program and child safety program in our schools.

The Bluffton Emergency Medical Service provides 24-hour ambulance coverage for residents of the village and portions of Richland and Orange townships.  Bluffton is also the home of the Bluffton Campus of Blanchard Valley Health Association.




If  you are looking for a place to call home, a home where life is less stressful, the people are friendly and the business climate is warm, then feel confident that you'll find Bluffton a pleasant destination.  It's a place you'll not only want to visit but a place where you'll want to stay.  

Bluffton - just the standard of living you have been looking for!




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